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What are Blood Grouping Reagents?

Blood grouping reagents are solutions that are used to determine human blood group antigens (such as ABO, Rhesus, Kell, and MNS blood group antigens). The ABO and the RhD blood group systems are the most important blood groups in transfusions. Blood groups are characterised by either a carbohydrate molecule (such as the ABO blood group antigens) or a protein (such as most other antigens) on the surface of the human red cell. The ABO system consists of the A and B antigens and the RhD system has the D antigen. There are 4 ABO blood group types in total, which are O, A, B, and AB. The rhesus (RhD) reagents are used to detect the presence or absence of the D antigen on the surface of human red blood cells. Anti-A, Anti-B and, Anti-A, B reagents are used to determine the ABO blood group, whilst the different Anti-D reagents are used to determine the rhesus D phenotype. Anti-K and Anti-k (Cellano) reagents are used to detect antigens in the Kell blood group system,Mashhour D .o.o Blood Grouping Reagents are used to test for blood group A, blood group B, blood group AB and blood group O. We also offer other reagents such as Anti-C, Anti-c, Anti-E, Anti-e, and Anti-K which are used to detect antigens of the Rhesus and Kell blood group systems on red blood cells in humans.

Mashhour D .o.o  supply quality blood grouping reagents including ABO reagents, Rhesus reagents, Kell reagents and Rare reagents such as Anti-M, Anti-N & Anti-S which are manufactured in full compliance with all UK and European regulatory requirements. Each reagent is supplied at optimal dilution for use with slide, tube, gel card & microplate blood grouping techniques. Our specialist blood grouping products also includes Inert AB Serum for use as a control and anti-human globulin for use in procedures including Coombs tests. View our product section below to see our full range of Blood Grouping Reagents.