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In vitro Diagnastic Clinical Chemistry Reagents and Analysers


We Are A Primary Of IVD Reagents In The Areas Of Blood Grouping Clinical Chemistry Elisa Febrile Antigens Latex Serology Rapid Tests And Urine Strips We Work Closely With Our Customers To Build Relationships That Are Efficient Mashhour Doo Is An Is 09001:2015 Accredited Organization

A range of CE Marked latex slide-agglutination kits for the detection of ASO, Rheumatoid Factor, C-Reactive Proteins and IM. Bulk reagents are also available for ASO, RF and CRP.

Blood grouping reagents are solutions that are used to determine human blood group antigens (such as ABO, Rhesus, Kell, and MNS blood group antigens)

Mashhour D.o.o Stained Febrile Antigens are for the detection of certain Salmonellae, Richettsiae and Bruchellae pathogens.

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