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Chemistry Reagents And Analysers Mashhour D.O.O Has Been In The IVD Business For Well Over A Decade With Expertise In Clinical Chemistry Quality Controls And Calibrators Rapid Test Elisa Coagulation Febrile Antigens Latex Serology , Urine Strips And Instrumentation , Our Gool Is To Provide Tailor Made Solutions From Instrumentation To Reagents And Quality Controls For Laboratories In Vitro Diagnostic Clinical


In vitro Diagnastic Clinical Chemistry Reagents and Analysers


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Mashhour D .o.o supply quality blood grouping reagents including ABO reagents, Rhesus reagents, Kell reagents and Rare reagents such as Anti-M, Anti-N & Anti-S which are manufactured in full compliance with all UK and European regulatory requirements. Each reagent is supplied at optimal dilution for use with slide, tube, gel card & microplate blood grouping techniques. Our specialist blood grouping products also includes Inert AB Serum for use as a control and anti-human globulin for use in procedures including Coombs tests. View our product section below to see our full range of Blood Grouping Reagents.

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Mashhour D .o.o Blood Grouping Reagents are used to test for blood group A, blood group B, blood group AB and blood group O. We also offer other reagents such as Anti-C, Anti-c, Anti-E, Anti-e, and Anti-K which are used to detect antigens of the Rhesus and Kell blood group systems on red blood cells in humans.